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Adobe MAX 2018 | Los Angeles, CA

In October I got to experience Adobe MAX with my work pal, Jess. It was crazy, educational, fun, mind-blowing, colorful, overwhelming, hands-on... you name it. We did a workshop where we learned some handmade printing techniques, and we each did a bunch of sessions and labs. I learned tons of tips and tricks, saw some new products, and future features coming to Adobe. The MAX bash was a vivid sugar rush, and Beck performed.

In our spare time, we explored DTLA and found some really cool places! I had a caffeinated pb&j, an impossible meat taco salad, some fancy Mexican food, and finally got to eat at eggslut. The Broken Shaker was my fave spot because it was tiki themed, on a rooftop, and perfect.

I've never been a part of ~anything~ like Adobe MAX before, and I just wanted to share a peek into a bright warm week.

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