January 10, 2019

In October I got to experience Adobe MAX with my work pal, Jess. It was crazy, educational, fun, mind-blowing, colorful, overwhelming, hands-on... you name it. We did a workshop where we learned some handmade printing techniques, and we each did a bunch of sessions and labs. I learned tons of tips and tricks, saw some new products, and future features coming to Adobe. The MAX bash was a vivid sugar rush, and Beck performed. 

In our spare time, we explored DTLA and found some really cool place...

October 1, 2018

To celebrate my 30th and Tim's 31st birthday, we went to Vegas, baby! Tim and I have the best birthday situation: mine is June 9th, and his is June 10th (he is a year older). We also treated this as the second half of our honeymoon since we couldn't fit Vegas into the original honeymoon plan. Anyways, here are some photos and please make note of me holding MANY BIRDS.

May 14, 2016

I had an avocado laying around with approximately 3 minutes left before it turned into brown sludge. The answer? Brunchy Pizza Flatbread! 

This lil treat is more about ~assembling~ than "making", but here is what I used: 

     -Garlic naan

     -Cream cheese


     -Crushed dill seeds


     -Caramelized onion

     -Smoked salmon

     -Cherry tomatos




May 2, 2016

I was inspired to make these cupcakes from a recipe in a gorgeous cookbook called Layered! For some reason, cupcakes always seem to go over better than a full cake at work. I think its because cupcakes are grab 'n go and its too hard to locate a clean plate and a real fork, haha. Anyways, Happy Birthday Amy! These lil babies are for you!

Citrus olive oil cake, with a lavender simple syrup, topped with lavender cream cheese frosting! I was hesitant about olive oil for a cupcake but HELLO. DO I...

March 23, 2016

I had the honor of baking and decorating the cutest little cake for my pal Danielle to celebrate the very soon arrival of her little girl! Totally in love with the adorable cake topper that I found from Alexis Mattox Design!


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